Staged Building Construction Inspections

Staged Building Inspections in Adelaide

Building a new home is a daunting task for most people, and having an independent building inspector working for you can take the pressure off.

Discrepancies between the building plans and the end product, the quality of the materials used in the construction process and variances in workmanship between builders and sub-contractors can occur. Tier 1 have the experience and the skills to scrutinise the building on your behalf and we can identify and defects that are not compliant with normal building practice and the associated building codes, and Australian Standards.

By having us inspect each stage, we can identify and issues that need to be remedied before the building process goes too far, thereby making it difficult or impossible to make changes.

There are six key stages to building a new house where having an independent inspection is worthwhile
Building Foundations AdelaideStage 1: Site Preparations & Foundations

Stage 1

Site Preparations & Foundation inspections

For the first stage we inspect the following: vapour barrier membrane, surface drainage, orientation of the building, positioning of the reinforcement starter bars, services : plumbing, stormwater, electrical and termite protection.

Stage 2: Wall & Roof Framing

Stage 2

Wall & Roof Framing

Wall and roof framing- inspecting the: quality of the finish to the slab surface, frame to see if it has been erected correctly and that the roof structure is in the correct location and the layout according to the plans.

Stage 3

Brickwork & Roof Covering

Brickwork/external cladding and roof covering- checking the: brickwork for quality workmanship and correct placement , the walls, the roof tiles or tin, fascias and gutters and bracing to all the timber walls

Stage 4 Internal LiningsStage 4: Internal Linings

Stage 4

Internal Linings

Internal linings and wet areas- inspecting: all of the interior work prior to painting including plaster surfaces and waterproofing prior to the tiling being installed.

Stage 5 Practical Completion HandoverStage 5: Practical Completion Handover

Stage 5

Practical completion/Handover

checking the: fixtures and fittings, appropriate sealing on the wet areas, paint finishes are of a quality standard, all hardware is fitted, plumbing and electrical services are completed and functioning as intended and that the external treatments have been completed.

Stage 6: Practical Completion : HandoverStage 6: Practical Completion / Handover

Stage 6

Practical Completion / Handover

Post handover, defect liability – ensuring all defects are relayed to the builder for remediation works.