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Possum Inspection & Removal Adelaide

If you have possums in your roof, you will definitely know about them! For small creatures, they can make a lot of noise at night time with incessant scratching, banging and screeching. It shouldn’t take too long for the unpleasant smell of urine to invade your house, or even worse, the smell of a deceased possum.

Precise Pest Control administers a possum removal service that is designed to guarantee the possum the best chance of survival when returned to a more natural habitat.

Feel free to contact one of our possum removal specialists to learn more about the removal process of this protected wildlife species.

The two types of possums common in Adelaide residential areas are the Bushtail Possum and the Ringtail Possum. Usually the Bushtail makes a home in accessible house roofs due to the lack of tree hollows in urban areas.

The Ringtail is less likely to enter a roof cavity as they usually build their nests with dry twigs a couple of metres from the ground.

How to prevent Bushtail Possums from entering your roof:

  • Limit roof access by placing smooth metal collars around tree trunks. This prevents possums from climbing nearby trees and jumping onto the roof.
  • Install a nest box in your garden to encourage possums to inhabit as an alternate den. Remember that possums are territorial so by providing one den location, the possum is likely to protect its area and reduce more possums from entering your yard.
  • Seal or block roof entrance points.
  • If you need to protect plants or fruit trees simply place blood and bone fertiliser around the plant base. Alternatively, make a solution of hot English mustard and spray or paint the fruits and foliage that you would like to protect.

If you live in an area prone to possums, contact our staff to discuss removal and prevention options.