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Fabric Pest Inspection & Removal Adelaide

Fabric pests like silverfish, clothes moths and carpet beetles can incur severe damage to materials and fabrics within your home. Upholstery, clothing and paper is at risk when infestations are present and can be deemed unsalvageable if exposed to these pests.

Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are primitive insects, easily identified by their wingless, fish-like appearance. Silverfish are attracted to materials like cotton, cellulose fibres and starch.

They are commonly found in paper storages, cupboards, bookshelves and even behind wall paper that has begun to peel away. Although they do not carry disease organisms unsafe for humans and household pets, they can destroy and accelerate the deterioration process of clothing and paper.

Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles

Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles both inhabit woollen products, carpets, upholstery, silk, fur and even stuffed toys. Their main source of food is a protein called Keratin that is available in fibres that originate from animals, including human hair.

Fabric pests are usually found in undisturbed areas like in drawers, heavy furniture and carpets where humans don’t frequent regularly.

Make yourself aware of common signs that indicate an infestation of fabric pests like: damaged material, larval skins, larval droppings and small cocoons that match the colour of the damaged material.

How to prevent fabric pests:

  • Store books, paper and linen in well-lit, dry and ventilated areas.
  • Use Camphor blocks where necessary.
  • Frequently vacuum carpets, soft furnishings and surfaces that are usually covered by furniture. Make sure you thoroughly clean these surfaces, especially carpet that is next to skirtings.
  • Store fabrics for long periods in plastic bags with mothballs.